Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bye-bye popcorn

This past Saturday hubby and I hit it hard and got rid of the popcorn ceiling in our dining room.
What a big ol' pain!

There are always some surprises when you do remodels.  And once again we found out that the builders did not prime the ceiling before putting on the popcorn ceiling.  Before we did our main bathroom remodel we had removed the wallpaper which had been put directly onto unprimed sheetrock.  It just pulled pieces of sheetrock with it. Those brown spots below on the ceiling are beyond the paper of the sheet rock.

Thank goodness for mudding to cover up all that.

You can also see the regular ceiling of the kitchen side (towards the upper right of the pic), and the patch job of the ceiling where we removed the dividing wall some years ago.  It'll be nice to have it all done, albeit for someone else to enjoy more and longer than we will.

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