Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Knit Cable Scarf--version #2

Now I might be getting slightly cable crazy here and not just my daughter.
Maybe it is the stupidcold (all one word) we've been having continually too.  Two days of 40 degree weather thrown in was not enough and made the next round of stupidcold even worse than before.
But really, cables just look so pretty.

And this particular pattern gives you a slight herringbone or chevron look to your scarf.

Quick pic because it was so cold.
If we wait for warmer weather to take pics I may not be able to post until June.

If you didn't want the scarf as wide as the pattern indicates (approx. 8 inches) I would suggest you adjust the pattern to do the K1, P1 edges only 2 times and not 3.  And/or you could also decrease the K26, P26 down to 22 stitches and then repeat the CB4 and CF4 only 5 times instead of 6.

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  1. These scarves are so pretty and you use such pretty colors. M



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