Saturday, May 18, 2013

New church dress

My youngest daughter has needed some new Church clothes.  I am tired of her wearing the same ratty-ish t-shirts with her skirts.  (I have plans to make new white tees for everyone.) This dress I made from some of the thrift store fabric pieces I found within the last month or so, and since it is blue she was more than happy to let me make her a new dress.

  • Pattern Simplicity 3513
  • Made this pattern before--you can see the dresses here.  I think the turquoise blue one I've kept because it is just too cute and I can't part with it yet, even though no one in my house can wear it.
  • Michael Miller thrift store fabrics for about $6
  • Made size 10 with added band on the dress hem.
  • Didn't put elastic in the sleeve hem.  Made a little band to gather the sleeve onto instead.
  • Added piping to the neck facing for added interest and contrast.


  1. Cute dress. Looks very Oliver + S to me.

  2. It's very cute, and, like Leslie my first thought was that it was an Oliver + S pattern.

  3. Darling! Love the fabric trim edges, neckline, and gathered bodice. Ok, I love it all.

  4. Love the dress and all the special treatments. YUM! You should be proud Mom.

  5. I love it! I thought she looked adorable today.

  6. I love the piping addition and the details...absolutely beautiful dress!

  7. Love it! Although where do you get enough fabric from a thrift store? I dont think we have anything like that here in southern PA and I can only get enough fabric from shirts n such for my 2 year old to get dresses.



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