Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Finds

Before I get into the Friday finds I just have to show you what is happening at my house today---May 3rd people!!  We are getting snow!

About the only thing I can be thankful for is that in other parts of the state they already received 13 inches of snow in the last 2 days.  Are you kidding me!!  I just want to scream.  I shouldn't be wearing gloves and boots to do my errands in May.

O.K. back to the schedule....
I haven't done a Friday Finds in awhile so I thought I'd show a few things that I've acquired over the past weeks...or months.  It has been awhile.
  • 2 yds. of  white and royal blue striped knit for $1.99.  I made a maxi skirt for daughter #1 out of this.  The stripes are super wide on this piece---7 inches.  We used pattern McCall's 6654 for a regular slightly flared maxi. Inspired by this pin.
  • 1+ yds.of green and blue floral cotton print for $.99.  As I'm looking at this up close this isn't really floral but more four leaf clover-ish.  Hope daughter #1 doesn't mind.  I still think it will be a cute skirt.
  • Some baskets for my master bath to use on some shelves that I have't yet put up.  2 rectangle and 3 square for under $6 total.  I'll already spray painted them white so everything will coordinate better.  And the pink check liners will be thrown out and replaced with nothing, or something better fabric.
  • About 9 yds of royal blue swimwear/dancewear fabric for $7.50 for the entire bolt.  There is a flaw on one selvage edge that appears to be thru the entire bolt, but that is still a lot of fabric and I can work around it.  Daughters #1 and #3 will be in blue heaven.  I plan to make some swim team practice suits for my girls for the upcoming swim season.  Last year's suits probably need to be retired--a little too much thinning on the backside if you know what I mean.
  • 6+ yds. of turquoise stretch lace fabric for $3!!!  WooHoo?!  Daughter #1 will probably get a dress out of it--something pretty and flared at the bottom.  I plan on keeping the rest myself.
  • 5+ yds. of navy fleece for $2.25.  I plan on making fleece long johns or sweats for the hunting/scouting crew. 
  • Nine 1 - 2 yd. pieces of Michael Miller and Moda fabrics in various colors for $11.22.
  • 3 stacks of charm squares and a couple additional fat quarters for $11.22.  It appears 2 of the stacks are the same or possibly different colorway of the same. I think this is actually the equivalent of 6 charm packs. The 2 sets will make a fun Fall quilt.  The other group something for Valentine's season.
  • 3 yds. of stretch denim for $3.  I had bought 2 other pieces at my favorite fabric store for $3/yd. So this will give us a nice amount to make shorts, or capris, or a jean skirt.
Wow, it appears I've gone a bit crazy on the fabric shopping.  Haven't done that in a long time.  Maybe this out of season Winter weather is throwing me off.  Anything to cheer me up....pretty fabric anyone!?


  1. Holy moly that is quite the haul! Good finds!

    1. I was super excited to find those fat quarters and the charm squares. I don't need the fabric really, but I was having a moment and I just couldn't resist. Plus if nothing else I can do some sewing project with the kids this summer.

  2. Great job on the finds. One thing I know about swimsuits (coming form the competitive swim world for 18 years plus) is the back side is always the 1st to go. It's kind of annoying actually. We use to layer suits. I think the record i had was 4 suits at once just to stay modest. The solution came when they started making polyester swim suits. Other than buying a giant bolt of the fabric I haven't been able to find any.

  3. Those are some real pretty fabrics--colorful, happy, and spring-looking. Whatever you make will look very nice. M

  4. great finds! I want to shop where you shop, but - of course- I would need to get there BEFORE you! ;)

  5. Where of earth did you find all of these bargains?? That's just amazing!!

  6. Tell us your secret - where do you find these wonderful bargains?

    1. I have a fun thrift store near my home, which may not necessarily be a good thing. They run a 25% off day 2x week and those are the days I go. And since I go often I can do it pretty quick since I know what is already there and what is put out new. This past week I just really got lucky with those fabric finds.



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