Monday, March 25, 2013

I Love Invisible Zippers

It has been a long time since I've sewn in a regular zipper on a dress that I've made for myself.  I absolutely adore good topstitching, but invisible (or concealed) zippers just seem to me to be so much more professional and polished on dresses.  And to be quite honest I do think they are easier to do than a regular zipper.

I've had this dress pattern for some time and finally got motivated to get it done.  I love the yellow version the most.

And hey, I made myself a yellow version,

I'll probably wear this for Easter this year, unless we are still too cold here in MN, which is highly possible with Easter being in March and we are still in the 30's around here.  Or maybe I'll just go ahead and to heck with the wintery weather.  We should just think positive, don't you think?

Notes on invisible zippers:
  • There are written instructions on the inside of the invisible zipper package to help you, but if you need an in depth tutorial you can search online and there are a number of really helpful videos that I saw.  You can also check here for good written instructions and pics.
  • An invisible zipper foot is great to use if you have one for your machine (see pic below).  This foot has a groove that keeps the zipper teeth to the side so that you can get a close seam.  Check your manual or online for parts to order one for your specific model.  When I bought mine a number of years ago (like 15) it was $5.99.  Now online it sells for $16.
  • You can put in an invisible zipper with a regular zipper foot, just not quite as easy as with a concealed zipper foot.  
Dress Details:
  • Butterick 5638
  • Pale yellow linen from the stash.  Leftovers from this dress project.
  • Added about 6 inches in length to the dress and then also moved the front slit up slightly.
  • Used the A/B cup version and didn't have to make any adjustments on the bust for me.  Yeah!!
  • Super comfy dress.


  1. I live your dress. Years ago I made all my clothes. I made tons of those a-line dresses. I might have to pull out my old patterns.

  2. What a beautiful dress! You did a great job and it looks wonderful on you. Now, I am hoping as well that this snow melts and we will see earth soon! (from WI)

  3. love, love, love this dress Renae. It's just so pretty. And I love the color.



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