Monday, March 18, 2013

Amy Butler Weekender Bag

I've thought long and hard about this post, ...'cuz I'm not sure I should share my true feelings about this pattern.  Tiffany and I made this during our girls weekend in February and although we expected some issues,  and after making sure we had the 6 pages of corrections printed out so we wouldn't screw it up, and reading all sorts of blogs from others who have made this bag, I still think "Curse you Amy Butler!"

And I know how to sew.
I've made wedding dresses for crying out loud.
Yes dresses, more than one--3 actually.

O.K. now that that is out of the way I sure do love the way it turned out---a full weekend of sewing later, when I had planned on making a couple OTHER items too.

It should never have taken that long.

I blame Amy Butler.

Sorry, but I do.

This funky striped one is mine.

We made it with 2 zippers that meet on the top middle.  I really like it this way.

My equally funky lining.

This one was going to be for my daughters to share, but Emily wanted one too, so we worked out a trade.

Not sure I'll make another one, and I can't imagine why anyone would make these to sell on Etsy.  All the ones I've seen are pricey, but after making my own, I'm not sure that money is worth the trouble.

O.K. ...I'm really done now.


  1. I had the same feeling about mine! I would like to make another, but I remember how much swearing I did while making the one I currently use... and how long it sat in the closet, partially completed due to frustration!

    I had a really difficult time doing the top stitching near the zipper... but that was the least of my problems. haha

  2. I've never been a fan of her patterns. I don't think she tests and proofs them at all. Every pattern of hers that I've tried I've had to practically re-engineer on my own.

    Your finished bags turned out great though.

  3. I tried ONE AB pattern...never again!

  4. It makes me wonder why so many people make this bag in the first place - there are some that look great, but there have got to be better patterns out there for travel bags!

    1. It's gotta be the name and a whole lot of hype. And people not being honest about what they really think.

  5. I am so glad you wrote this ~ thank-you! I was talking myself into considering buying this pattern (I don't let go of money easily ;-)after seeing several really cute weekender bags. (my favorite being Diana's from pink chalk fabrics) I don't recall reading elsewhere about sewing difficulties, so I appreciate your honesty.

    1. Glad to help out. That bag is doable, it just isn't a breeze through project. I actually paid an upholsterer to bind the edges inside my bag because it was so thick. (I didn't do the inside lining exactly like the pattern suggested.)



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