Saturday, March 23, 2013

Selling chairs

Hubby starts a new job next week.  It extends his commute quite a bit, especially since he's been working from home since August last year. ;)  Besides this new opportunity there will probably be some other changes going on here---like a move down the road.  But we'll have a HS senior in the Fall and that complicates things.

In the mean time, mentally I am doing some planning (and plotting) for a move.
I sold a pair of these chairs on Friday via Craigslist for $20.

They may not look like much but hubby and I bought these originally in 1995 for $1.50 each at D.I. in Provo and they were painted some yuck color and had vinyl seats.  We stripped them down, stained them, and then reupholstered the cushions.  This current seat, which looks awful, is round 3 of cushions since we've had them.

They have served us well.  AND we made some money on them.  As a side note, we bought a couch from D.I. while at BYU for hubby's schooling and when we left we donated it back to them.
As much as I love the lattice back on these chairs....LOVE them....we just don't have room and I can't have them sitting around waiting for us to maybe have room.

The couple who bought them from us were thrilled, and daughter #1 almost started crying when they left the house. Have I mentioned before that my entire family is much more sentimental and has greater hoarder tendencies than I do?  I, however, feel relieved to do something, anything, to get the ball rolling.  It'll be an interesting process.  That last time we moved we had 1 kid and a futon.  Next time around will be much more exhausting.

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