Thursday, December 13, 2012

Snowman Wreath

While we're talking wreaths this week I'll show you one more that I put together this season.

This is a fairly easy project that I put together for our front door.
Wreaths bought at the thrift store and post ripping off all the ugly decorations.

I couldn't get all the hot glued Spanish moss off of this one.
I just sprayed over it and will use this as the back side.

 Hung up the wreaths on the swing set with some jute.
Sprayed and let dry some before bringing them in to completely dry.

Detail of the glitter scarf fabric and embellishment

  • 3 wreaths from the thrift store for around $6 total
  • Attached the wreaths together using zip ties.
  • 1 can spray paint--white matte finish
  • Craft foam black hat found at Michael's--cut in half
  • Red glitter scarf fabric for about $3.
  • Scarf embellishment from the dollar store--safety pinned on.
  • Inspiration here on Pinterest.  I also liked the greenery versions I saw, but they wouldn't have looked as nice on my dark front door.  Much better if you have a white or light colored front door.

This is Emily's version that I sent her for her birthday.
Hers is a little smaller version, but still cute.
She says she'll probably change the hat once Christmas is over 
so that she can still leave it hanging through the remainder of the Winter months.


  1. So cute! I just sent this to my mother to see, she loves snowmen, and collects them! Now I want to make one for my door!

  2. That is a really cute snowman, and so easy it looks like. The one you gave Shauna looks very nice on her front door. M



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