Monday, October 15, 2012

Silky Top

I was at Jo-Ann's awhile back to get some thread and happened to browse through the patterns that were on sale.  I love it when the patterns go on sale for $.99 each. It makes my sales receipt look so awesome at the bottom when it says I've saved $75 or something crazy like that.  Found this fun top/tunic/dress--just name your length.


Love these sleeves!
They remind me of Calla lilies.

Here is my version.

  • Butterick 5815
  • View A--top
  • Neckline calls for just a rolled hem but I made a fabric facing instead.  I felt it would lay nicer.
  • I also cut it down some.  The pattern was definitely more boat neck style than their picture shows.
  • I also had to adjust the shoulder seam slightly.  To me it seemed to be cut weird--like angled too high towards the neck.  Honestly that neckline was a BUGGER!
  • Fabric from the stash--leftover from Leslie's Easter dress that she sent me.  So happy that I actually had enough of it.  
Wore it to church with this necklace.  

Also made a dress version.  Not sure I love it.
I may add some elastic thread to the waist to give it some definition.
Or cut it off and make it into another shirt.

This fabric--$2.00 piece from the thrift store.
Kind of ombre tie dye look with embroidered leaved.

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