Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Batman Costume

Little Mr. C. decided he wants to be Batman for Halloween.  Lucky for me we already had a cape that would work--I think I made this cape for son #1 for him to be Batman just for fun--(because the Zorro cape we have, that he did wear for Halloween one year, is lined with red).

Pulled out the cape, he'll use the black sweat pants I already made and then he informed me I had to make a shirt (and socks, but we'll go buy those.)  I might have bought a black t-shirt and saved me some time, but I had a slew of black t-shirt fabric in the stash.

Made a basic black tee and then I used WonderUnder and a little topstitching to secure the batman badge.

I used t-shirt fabric instead of felt, mostly because that is what I had and I didn't want to go buy anything else.  And Mr. C. said that he wanted to wear the shirt afterwards, and I didn't think that felt would hold up well enough under multiple washings.  Hope this way does.

Scalloped edge on the Batman cape to resemble bat wings.

Nice hair!
Not sure what that is all about.

  • Mask pattern here.  Super easy and 34 cent piece of felt and elastic from the stash.
  • Pattern for the batman badge here.  Printed it out at 80% to fit a size 7 tee.
  • T-shirt pattern is basic KwikSew.  You just need any basic black t-shirt or pattern.
  • Belt made from t-shirt fabric--interfaced both sides.  Attached badge the same as the t-shirt and then velcro closure in back.
  • Cape pattern McCall's 3746 (discontinued)--scalloped the edge on my own. Currently McCall's 2854 looks like it has a good variety of cape styles.
Robin costume on tomorrow's post.

C. suggested that I be Catwoman.  As much as I wish I looked totally awesome in a black catsuit, the reality is I don't.  Still thinking about whether or not I'll appease him and come up with something--more along the line of black sweats and a kitty ears headband, and not a little catsuit number.  We'll see....but really I don't think anything can compare to the "cat" costume I had in college.

Make-up courtesy of my roommate, Jenny, who was a theater major.
This was such a blast to sport all day long to my classes.
(this is probably 1990 or so)


  1. Nice job! He's lucky to have such a handy momma to make this great costume for him.

  2. great job! nothing better than a home made costume & a very lucky kid to have a talented mom!

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  4. Batman Costume. Little Mr. C. decided he wants to be Batman for Halloween. Lucky for me we already had a cape that would work--I think I ... ebatmancostume.blogspot.com



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