Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Finds

Here are some of the recent items I've found while thrifting.

Pretty 2 yd. piece of paprika colored faux suede for $1.49 that I turned into a Fall tablecloth and a spiderweb print piece (also about 2 yds. worth)  for $1.12 that I can use as a table covering, make into a couple pillows or maybe a piano seat covering for the season.  Not sure yet....

Added the decorative hemming using an embroidery stitch off my machine.

Wire pumpkin/squash (or pear if you ask my kids) for $1.99
Measures 13 1/2 inches tall
$.39 candle
Debating on spray painting it orange, but I think I prefer it as is.

Metal base for $.69

Here is how I have it arranged on my little table.  
Canning ring pumpkin idea from here.

Halloween sign for $.74 that I added to last year's wreath I made for Halloween.
Measures 2 1/2 by 6 inches

Twiggy pumpkin for $1.21
I'll probably put this on my piano with a couple other items.

Unrelated for the season but a pretty rose wreath for $1.06
Measures about 13 inches tall.
The roses are light pink and I'm thinking of spraying them a darker color--sort of 2 tone look 
and then I'll use this near my front entry in February.

These are coasters.  I think I got them for $1.49
I have ideas of either turning them into a small wreath for fall or spray painting them white/sparkly and using them as tree ornaments.  Or even leaving them plain and using them as ornaments.


  1. Wow, great finds! I need to perfect my thrifting eye....thanks for the link to the pumpkin!

  2. I like the rose heart. That would look good in my girls' room.

    1. If you want it bad enough I can send it to you.



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