Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bee Block Catch-Up

(Warning:  heavy picture post!)

I haven't posted my bee blocks in awhile.  I've been busy...
Here's what I've finished over the last couple months.

BowTie for Liz

 Wonky stars for Linda who is envisioning something like this.
Block tutorials here.

 Another one for Linda
I felt guilty that her blocks, which were supposed to be done in July, weren't finished until Sept. so I made 2.  This one used teeny tiny piecing...

The little stars finish at 3 inches.  That means I started with 1.5 inch squares!! 
They are my smallest pieced blocks to date.  My husband liked them enough to say "Why don't you make a whole quilt out of those little stars.  That would be cool!"  Um...ya...that would take me approximately 10 years to complete!  :)  I still can't decide if ye was serious or not.

A "pastel" block for LaDean for Sept Quilt Club
Same tutorial as above with the addition of some HST's.
I thought they would give it a little more interest as a stand alone block.

Strings for Jodie
I'm almost tempted to make another string quilt using vintage sheets, almost... :)

And finally,
"Value" Zig Zags for Colleen

1 comment:

  1. I like all the designs and fabrics you have used, they are very feminine and dainty--very girlie. looks like a lot of work doing all those little pieces--you have great patience with your quilt tops. M



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