Monday, October 17, 2011

Wreath Transformation

I wanted to make the wreath from here and since I recently received some birthday money and a gift card to Jo-Ann's I decided to use it to buy supplies to make a fun Halloween wreath for us.

I started with this "lovely" wreath that I bought at the thrift store.

I bought it for the wreath form only I assure you.  Although I must say that I feel a little bad about taking this wreath apart as some grandma put a lot of time, effort, pins and lace into making this. 

Oh well....there were about 5 more similar to it at the thrift store. 

Once I removed all the old embellishments it was transformed into this fun Halloween wreath.

I thought about hanging it outside, but was a little leery.  I haven't ever had anything stolen while in our current home, but I've had other decorations stolen off our door while we were students at BYU.  Nice!  Even hanging in between the screen door and the front door wouldn't work as it would get smashed some. 

In the end I decided to hang it on my "new" mirror (scrounged from the biannual city clean-up day) by my entry for just our family to enjoy.  Excuse the pile of shoes.  They really should be in that toy box on the left, but obviously we have issues with that.

To hang it I just used one of those 3M hook things and put it on top of the mirror.  It is high enough that no one can see it, not even my 6' self.  This way I didn't have to put a nail in my mirror.

Little "Hootie" is everyone's favorite part of the wreath--glad we found him. 
We like him better than the crow and spider we were thinking about.

Wreath -- 12" form for $2.69 at thrift store
                             (cheaper than any of the floral wreaths or other wreath forms I found, even with a coupon, at Jo-Ann's or Michaels).
Tulle -- 4 spools of 25 yds. each for $2.99/spool
Ribbon -- 4 different spools 3 x $2.39 and 1 for $1.99 (you can get 3 good size ribbon roses out of 3-4 yds.)
Owl -- Michaels $2.99
Flowers -- Jo-Ann's clearance $2.39
Squiggly stick picks -- 4 at $.49 each

TOTAL:  approx. $31

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