Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grandma Quilt #4

I should nickname this quilt the "Loaves and Fishes Quilt" because this is the result of making a 4th quilt after already using the fabric for 3 previous Grandma's Shirt Quilts.  What was left to choose from was scraps of already scrap fabric--literally scraping the bottom of the scrap bag barrel.

Also, I hesitate to share all of the story behind this quilt, but let me just suffice it to say that this quilt was not in the grand scheme of the plan when Emily and I divided everything up and figured out how to use Grandma's shirts for 5 different quilts (3 aunts and one each for us) back in February.  Fast forward a number of months and now we needed to come up with another one (#6), and this was after everything was pretty much cut apart, divided, and cut out.

Well, thank goodness for a minor miracle: there were enough scraps to cut 3" squares (albeit a few had to be pieced) and I found this quilt design from Oliver + S Moda that was perfect inspiration for less than ample amounts of fabric. 

Voila!! the "Loaves and Fishes" quilt.

  • Finished measurements approx. 48" by 66"
  • Cut 3" squares
  • Sashed between and outside edges with 3" strips.
  • Thrifted multi-striped sheet for the backing
  • Cross hatch machine quilting
  • Machine binding from thrifted stash
This quilt is going to our cousin Doug, therefore, it needed to be a bit more on the manly side--even though he has 3 girls.  So why is Doug getting it?  Well, for a couple reasons: first of all his mother was the one aunt who didn't want a quilt (but then said he could have it), also he lived with Grandma for a number of years before he was married, and he is the first born grandson.  So I guess that rank does have its privileges.
And really, there is no more fabric to be used....really....there isn't.  So don't ask. 


  1. I like it! And yes, loaves and fishes would be a good name for it. I am sure he will appreciate it.

  2. I can't believe how fast you put quilt tops together!!!! You are amazing!



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