Monday, October 3, 2011

Boy Baby Quilts

This is what happens when I'm stressed...either I obsessively sew or obsessively eat chocolate. 
Sometimes both...but I'm really trying to avoid the chocolate. 
It isn't easy. 
But hey, some of my sewing projects are getting done.

Remember these thrift store fat quarters I found earlier this year.  Well, I've been playing around with them lately and have made a couple baby quilts to donate to one of our local hospitals. 

#1  This one was a practice in HSTs and maneuvering those around.  I like how it turned out.

I ran out of the backing/binding fabric but luckily had a little leftover from the light blue to add a piece to the binding.  Machine quilted in zig-zag pattern.

This one was inspired by Charm Squares Baby Quilt Pattern from Oh, Fransson! using more fat quarters from the same bundle as above.  I wanted to try this pattern out.  I like it and will probably try another one.  Or try a slightly bigger version.  And I think I'll add a little sashing on the sides of this one too, just to make it slightly bigger.

Here is my little cauldron head helper. 
You can see his head peeking out over the top edge of the quilt top.

  Later in the day he sat in the cauldron and got stuck. 
I had to help him get out of it.
Aren't little boys great!?

Flannel Blocks

This one was made from flannel scraps (4 colors of blocks shown above) for the top and binding and then the same striped ticking that I had sent Emily and she used for her Vintage Stars Quilt binding.

A Little Hang Ten
Just in time for Halloween.  I really love the colors on this one.  Marbled burnt orange on the back and the olive green plaid for the binding.  Not so typical baby boy colors, but I love them anyway.  It must be because I am an October baby myself.

Now I should get obsessive about some other projects that I have.  Not sure I'll get there though, 'cuz sometimes a girl just needs to sew....and sew....and sew.


  1. Yeah! Kevin's flannel scraps made it on your blog! Cool! I love the quilts you made. You are awesome, Renae! And a very talented woman you are! Way to go! Take care--Vera

  2. Great job on the quilts! Definitely a stress reliever. And baby quilts are so much fun. Little boys are great but mostly mine is trouble. :-)

  3. Hey Emily,

    You're assuming I'm still sane ... that issue has come into question many times! ;) tee hee



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