Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Little Black Dress

I originally wanted this to be my go-to dress for the summer. A throw on and run out the door quickly type. (Meeting husband for lunch, running errands, etc). But it didn't quite look that way after making it. It absolutely needs the belt. Otherwise it looks like a potato sack. But I'm so happy because I need church clothes too. I just love, love, love it. I'm going to make another one in a silky fabric. It will look like a totally different dress.

1" lengthen in waist
4" lengthen at hem
lengthened sleeve 2 1/4"

Favorite features:
No Zipper!
Those darling pockets
Neck pleats

Black cotton poplin (stretch)
New Look Pattern #6803


  1. once again- a winner. and a great job. hopefully i will have some stuff to show soon.

  2. Cute dress!! Love the belt! Hey I had a question about your red felt pillow that you made and I was wondering if you used a pattern or had any instruction on how to make it. Ashlee

  3. Very cute & hip. The belt does complete the ensemble nicely.

  4. Very cute. I almost bought a New Look pattern today. I still may do it. This is a darling dress and the belts rocks.

  5. wow! i love it! that is a throw on for a nice date with your hubby dress!

  6. A-Do-Ra-Ble. Mom needs somethimg like that.

    LOK,Renae's duaghter



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