Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mending Confessions

O.K. here much as I adore sewing I absolutely detest mending. Not my idea of a good time whatsoever. I have turned down many a paid sewing job because it was a "mend" of some sort. Even getting paid to take care of it does not make my happy. The only mending that is fine for me is cutting off long sleeves or pants and turning them into short sleeves or pants. Piece of cake--no finaggling or thinking really involved, just do it.

Well, when it comes to my hubby's mending I can't turn down the "job". However, I will admit that I do put it off as long as I possibly can. This is usally how the scenario goes: He'll inform me of some mending job he has for me, I'll tell him to take it to my sewing room, and then for the next couple of weeks, or maybe months, I use those items as padding on my sewing chair while I sew other things. Then sometime the guilt will kick in and I'll mend the things I need to so that I can move on to something more fun.

Yesterday, the guilt kicked in--but with a good laugh involved. I went down to my sewing room for something else and found this tag attached to one of the pairs of my hubby's pants (still sitting on my chair as a cushion) that he needs fixed.
He got these from work--the guys on the floor who wear uniforms put these on their items when they need repaired and then they get sent off to someone who takes care of it. Some days I wish Hubby still wore uniforms to work so that I wouldn't have to deal with his pant mending. Anyway, I guess this was my subtle reminder, that yes, Hubby really does need those 2 pairs of pants fixed. In his defense I have to say that he really doesn't care how they look when they are fixed, he just wants them done so that he doesn't lose keys or a wallet out a hole in the pocket.

I'm happy to report they are both done, finished this morning. Now I guess the next thing I need to do is find something else to cushion my chair. :)


  1. The feeling is mutual. I hate mending. The other day the neighbor found out that I have sewing skills and asked if I do alterations/mending. I very quickly responded with a NO. I don't sew for people. Period. Drives me insane!!!

  2. That's funny that he got a mending tag from work. He must have been feeling neglected, huh? Or at least his pants were! :)

  3. Very creative! You should laminate it so it can be reused.



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