Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Artsy" Apron

Simplicity 3752--view B

This is the same pattern that Leslie used earlier in the blog for her cute ruffled apron. I just tried out a different view. I thought this apron looked like an "artsy" apron and maybe down the road I'll make a gift for someone who fits that bill. Luckily I've now worked out the kinks. This apron was almost a major disappointment for me.

I was very excited about doing some embroidery on the chambray--I think I had envisioned that right off too when I saw the pattern. I did lengthen the apron portion a good 6 inches for myself since I have long thighs. I wanted it to at least cover my lap.

The pattern worked up nice and directions were easy enough, the almost "crisis" came with the bust. I chose the size my measurements corresponded too, but I have to say the first bodice was WAY too big. Yes, you read that right--the first bodice. Actually it is the same bodice only redone in the beginning picture. If you look at my picture below in the salmon colored shirt it appears a bit too big, and I am standing as straight as I can with my shoulders back and chest out. This is not how one cooks or crafts. So when I did my normal thing it was baggy and gapped alot. It also seemed very WIDE across the bust, like it was clear into my armpits.

Gappy and too wide across the chest
So then I had to do a lot of unpicking. I suppose I could have just recut an entirely new bodice, and redid the embroidery, but I didn't really want to. I also thought about just removing the bodice and turning the apron into a half apron. I didn't really want to do that either. So I unpicked and unpicked (3 seams of 2 rows of topstitching). Yikes!! I probably took in the bodice seam a good inch at the fullest part on both sides. I think that it lays much nicer--and more naturally--than it did previously. (see first picture again)

My suggestions for this view of the pattern are check the bodice first. You may want to make a mock-up out of muslin or some other leftover fabric. Unpicking that much is not fun! I don't necessarily feel the need to share everything on this blog, but for reference sake I am probably a B cup and this pattern is more for a C or D cup in my opinion. Adjust the bodice accordingly. I think that it could easily be made with little to no curve and look just fine.


  1. Such a darling shape. This is another one I wanted to make because it also has a feminine shape. And thank you, thank you, thank you for the tips...(we are not endowed so this happens). Can't wait to try it out. I have no idea what fabric to use though...hmmmm

  2. Just looked at the photo large. I like those little pleats in front. Cuuuute!

  3. It really is a cute pattern. M. has her eye on a different style--a combo of two different ones. We may try that too.

  4. It looks really good! But what a hazzle to have to redo so much of it :-(

  5. At least our husbands didn't marry us for our chests. Right now we are debating between braces for Hannah & breast augmentation. HA HA!

  6. Can't wait to see what you decide Shauna! :)

  7. i really love the cut! that looks so pretty and flirty!



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