Wednesday, December 10, 2014

4 Pack of Snowballs for Fall

I started these blocks a year ago last September (2013) and found them this past summer (2014) as I was going through some of the things in my sewing room.  I had sort of forgotten that I had them.  I decided that I just needed buckle down and put them together in a quilt top and so this Fall I did it.

I didn't have the "correct" amount of blocks once I was done to do a traditional 4 by 6 block layout.  I was just ONE block shy.  Arghhh!!  But in the end I like this layout better.  I put 3 rows of 5 blocks interspersed with 2 rows of 4 blocks.  I actually think it gives it more interest.

Hubby doesn't ever comment much on my projects unless I flat out ask him, but he told me he really likes this quilt.  So that means it will probably stay at our house once it is all completed.

Just need to get it sent off to Lynn for some quilting.

The 2 fabrics I used for the backing.



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