Monday, December 8, 2014

"Reindeer" Pillows

While rummaging around at SR Harris a few weeks ago looking for something else, which at the moment I can't remember what, I found this fun deer fabric.

It was a total impulse buy, I admit it.  However, I knew I could have fun with it.

I wanted to change it up and make some pillows for Fall.
Hubby and kids hunt quite a bit, so why not have some deer pillows.

They didn't get done in time for that season, so instead they are now "reindeer" pillows.
Technically they are Mule deer--per hubby--and he would know.
But for my purposes it will work for the season.

I added a red button on one "reindeer" and voila! we have Rudolph and the gang.


  1. Very cute. I like them, and especially the red button nose. We decorated you Dad's Charlie Brown tree with just one red ball and now it looks like the real thing--he loves it. Lots of fun things to decorate with for the Holidays. Love to all, M



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