Friday, December 5, 2014

Swim Jammers

Boys swim team season started this week.
What our boys swim team members usually wear for practice and competition are what they call "jammers".
They look like bicycle shorts.
I'm sure they are super comfortable to swim in.

I "had" to make a couple pairs for my son this year since he outgrew last years.
I say "had" only because I have tons of fabric and it is just sitting there.  So why spend the money on new suits when I can make a couple pairs for much less.
Last year he was 5'7" or so and wore a size 9 shoe.
This year he is 5'11" pushing 6' as a 13 yr. old and wears an 11.
He eats a ton and takes up a lot of space in our house and his voice it getting deeper and he can lean down on the shoulder of one of his older sisters and he loves it.
She does not.

But back to the jammers.
I had lots of fun swim fabrics to choose from and he did.

Here's how I lined these.

  • Kwik Sew pattern 2881 (out of print).
  • Swim fabric from the stash.
  • Bought polyester 3/8" black ribbon for the drawstrings.  

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