Monday, September 9, 2013

Projects I shouldn't be starting right now

I have sooooo many projects that I really should be working on.

Last week I spent a little time in my sewing room combining fabric, patterns, and notions together in big ziplocs so that each project is all in one place.  I actually went back to the store and bought more.  That is how bad it was getting.  And really, I need more bags.  So, so sad.

But sometimes I don't want to do what I should.
I'd rather do what I want.
Do you ever get like that?

So when I should have been working on other things I was making quilt blocks instead.  

Here are the 2 different quilts that I started.

First up some snowball blocks--in Fall prints and colors from some charm packs I bought at the thrift store.

I think I might put a border around each snowball so that I can get a bigger quilt.
Kinda excited about this one.

Then secondly I started some blocks that I have been mentally planning for a time.  Originally I was going to try and recruit some friends and make another collaborative quilt.  I changed my mind.  At the time it felt too difficult to get people together and so I just started them myself.

This quilt pattern is from Block Party--The Modern Quilting Bee, Wonky Roman Stripe Block, pg. 50-56.

I need more blocks and have 2 other base colors in a lighter blue and a grey to combine all together.  I think it will be nice when it is all said and done.

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