Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Celtic Cable Scarf

This beautiful scarf is only the second cable project that my oldest daughter has tackled.
And usually she prefers crochet over knitting.
She may just have a gift for yarn arts.

I LOVE the braided side edge.

I was having problems getting the color right because this is what you would think of as traditional kelly green.  It sure doesn't appear that way in any of these photos.

She really did a great job.
There were a couple times she and I had to unravel and fix a couple spots.
Fortunately that only happened about 3 times, which is pretty good considering how complicated this cable scarf was.

Side note: She happily wore this to the Celtic Thunder concert last Friday in keeping with the theme of the night.


  1. Love the scarves you all make and you choose such delicious colors. M

  2. She did an awesome job. She's going to need that in Idaho!



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