Thursday, May 15, 2014

T-shirt Quilt Preview

In the midst of this

ongoing loading of the POD

and this

gutting and redo of the master bathroom

I am also making an effort to "clean out" my sewing room.
I decided to work on my daughter's t-shirt quilt in order to get some things out of my room.

A month or so ago we went thru her pile of t-shirts and weaned them down and divided them up in categories.  This quilt will be school themed--swim team shirts, choir, orchestra, honor roll.  That way there is a color theme to them without having to think too much.  She has more shirts and she may get another t-shirt quilt down the road, but for now we are sticking with the school spirit.

I started with 16 inch squares and then adjusted here and there.

Backing will be this orange and white chevron flannel from Jo-Ann's.

L. knows that I am doing this and she knows which shirts are in it, but I haven't shown her how it is all put together.  I sort of want her to be surprised.  My next 2 kids down the line both love the quilt and wanted to make sure that I was planning on making each of them one down the road.  Yes, yes, I will do that.

The quilt will be shipped off to Lynn today for quilting so that I can get it back in time for L.'s graduation and party that first full weekend of June.  I'm excited for her to have it.  New chapter in all of our lives.  Kinda weird!


  1. That is a great quilt that will bring back memories for lots of years. T-shirt quilts are so personal and usually colorful, which hers is. M

  2. Love it, the backing is awesome too!



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