Monday, May 19, 2014

Front door redo

This is our "beautiful" front door.
I'm pretty sure it is original to the house, built 1960.

It is west facing and so gets lots of direct sunlight in the afternoon.
You can tell.
And you can tell that there used to be a different screen door there based on the sun damage.

It also has a big chunk of veneer missing on the bottom corner.
Lots of wear and tear from the kids.
I had hoped to just put a kick plate on it to cover that up, but kick plates leave about an inch on either side of the door and so it wouldn't have worked.

On to plan B.
I needed to strip down the door somewhat.
Used a hand sander to clean it up.
Used Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty to patch the section of missing veneer and to fill in all the holes and spaces where I got rid of the nasty broken screen door that I will NOT be replacing with another one.

Here is the finished result.

Paint is Behr Premium Plus Ultra exterior satin.
Yellow is called Sunburst (1 quart was able to do 2 coats.)
Blue is called Vintage Velvet

A huge thanks to Mike at my local Home Depot paint department.
He has been a huge help tome.

We also changed out the house numbers.  Removed the old ones from the front of the house and put new more modern looking numbers on the door.  All I had to do was line them up where I wanted them.  Put in a little pilot hole and then go to it with the cordless drill.  We also changed the doorknob, deadbolt and doorbell.

Love it!

The only thing left is to strip off the footer board and paint that.  I wasn't sure I wanted to include that at first, but now that the rest of it is done I am going to paint that blue too.


  1. wow! I love the yellow and the numbers. It really looks bright and cheerful and the numbers will be so wary to see from the street. You did a good job. M

  2. It looks very good! I like how you redid it rather than buying a new one.

  3. So fun! I love yellow front doors. I want to do one on my house but my siding is a cream color that just doesn't lend itself to a yellow door.

  4. Wow, what an improvement! Awesome curb appeal!

  5. Now that's a door! Very chic :)

  6. Love your front door and numbers!

  7. It was a good decision to redo your door, Renae. It even seems like you just installed a brand new one! The finishing is very nice, and it looks even more appealing than it was before. Good job!

    Greg Marshall @ Crawford Door



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