Friday, May 30, 2014

Bra Cup Supplies -- bring on the modesty

My 11 yr. old daughter just cringes when I talk about bra cups.  She's at that age where wearing a bra (sports bra with no shape whatever) is the worst thing we could ever torture her to do.

This is the first year I am putting bra cups in her swimsuit and she is DYING about it.  Let's face it, unfortunately when little girls get to be 10, 11, 12 years old their bodies are right in that in between stage where an additional layer of lining in the swimsuit does not necessarily provide enough coverage and most bra cups are too big.  But who wants to see little boobies?  Not me....or anyone else for that matter.

My cousin Tiffany helped me find a great supplier for bra cups.  I had been buying them only at Jo-Ann Fabrics, using a 50% off coupon when I could, but they didn't come small enough for any preteen and not even small enough for my #2 daughter who is 14.  They just worked for me and daughter #1 (soft molded bra cups -- size A/B cups).

Enter Sew Sassy Fabrics LLC, a company out of Huntsville, Alabama.

Their bra cups come in a WIDE range of sizes, beige or black, and single pairs or dozen pairs available for purchase.

Soft Foam Swim Cups

Their sizing chart:
SizeApproximate bust/cup size
 230 A
 430 B
 632 A
 832 B
1034 B
1236 B
1436 C
1638 B
1838 C
2040 B
2240 C
2442 B
2642 C

They also have a nice variety of elastic if you can't find what you are looking for locally.

Recently I bought 4 different sizes, in bulk, because we make lots of swimsuits here, and they are awesome. For my youngest daughter, who is 11, I bought size 4.  They can also be cut down some and not fall apart if you think you might be in between sizes.  Although she was NOT happy with the idea, she does recognize that she could use a little more modesty in her swimsuits.  And really isn't that what it is all about--being able to enjoy yourself and not worry about modesty or over-exposure or some body part?

For this 2-tone racerback I just tacked the cups into the suit, mainly because it was already completely made.

For suits that have a bra shelf I would sew it into the shelf completely, or make a "pocket" within the bra shelf (basically a double layer of bra shelf) for the cups so they can be removed before washing.

This suit I made last year for one of my daughter's friends.  She wore it once, before her mother banned her from wearing it in public.  Too much nipple exposure when wet, even with a bra shelf.  We'll add the bra cups to it for this year and she should be able to wear it without any issues this summer.

Enjoy your upcoming summer days!  Gotta go buy our swim pass and we'll be ready.

Call Sew Sassy to ask for wholesale prices.  
You just need to order at least $50 of supplies to get the wholesale discount.
I was able to get a dozen bra cup pairs for $15.  

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