Monday, October 14, 2013

Decisions, decisions....

Later this week I am going to do another sewing group/class with some friends next Friday night.  (Finished quilt from the first round shown here.)  I knew I had some people interested, but the timing wasn't quite right for me to pull it all together. But lately I've been feeling the need to clean out some fabric and scraps that I am tired of seeing, but are still useful.  It took me some time to decide what block pattern to use and which fabrics (mainly because I wanted to make sure I had enough to put together 12 packets), but I finally got it.

All but the turquoise hexagonal print came from my stash.  Apparently I didn't have the right blue or enough blue and so I went and bought one yard to cut up and share.

We're going to make Wonky Log Cabin Blocks, pg. 12-19, from Block Party--The Modern Quilting Bee. 

Sample 1

Sample 2

I have a couple repeat seamstresses signed up to join and a couple different ladies who haven't ever sewn with me before so it should be a fun evening.  I told my 2 older girls, too, that if I didn't have all 12 spots filled that they could join too.  They are hoping that only the ones I have now will be it.

The plan is to donate the top to Margaret's Hope Chest when we are all finished.  She always has great charitable projects going on where she can use fun, pretty quilts.


  1. I really like that block and the finished quilt should be very happy, cheerful and fun for the person who gets it--a real day brightener. I like the wonky pattern, too. The ladies who come should have lots of fun putting it together and learning about quilting. M

  2. I love the addition of the blue. Nice touch. good luck sewing with're so much more patient than I am in sewing situations.



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