Friday, February 3, 2012

Sewing Group Quilt

Earlier this week I had our little sewing group/club/class, whatever you want to call it.  8 ladies showed up to try it out.  I must say this was an evolving project.  Mostly I wanted to try a little more randomness in my sewing and quilting and was inspired by Block Party--The Modern Quilting Bee. I decided to recruit some ladies to see who else might be interested.

We had a fun night.  I really am not a random person, but some of the ladies were way into it and much better at that part than I am.  I find I have to think to be random, which isn't really how randomness works, is it?

Anyway, I put all the blocks together and this is what we got. 

There is one block I'm waiting on as Amber wanted to make one more at home.  I added a 3" white border around it all because I want it to be a little bit bigger. 

And here is one of the crowning moments:  Jenny's block. 

She was testing me, I know it.  She kept saying to me, "I can do whatever I want?" "Right?"  "You won't get mad?"  Jenny embraces wonkiness and she loves Project Runway.  Great combination. 

Her block is the inspiration for the name of this quilt:  "Start Here".  Because that is what that blocks reminds me of.  Arrow to point you along the path of a maze.  If you look back up at the completed quilt top her block is bottom right.  Top left is the "finish" of the maze.

Not sure what we'll do in the upcoming months, but everyone sure seemed to be on board to come back again and try something else.


  1. Very, very fun! I'm not too good at wonky either but it's fun once in a while. Fun to work on a project together like that!

  2. I think that turned out really cool!



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