Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Opposites Attract Costume for Couples

My husband and I haven't always done a couples costumes for Halloween.  Most times, in the past, we've just done our own thing.  Which usually translates into I have a costume of some sort and he just shows up in his hunting gear to the party, having just come straight from actually hunting.

Last year we did this and now it seems we have set a precedent for ourselves and an expectation from everyone else to come up with something again this year.  Our original plan A fell through, or at least we weren't able to get it all together in a timely manner, so we'll save it for next year.  (I'm already thinking through it some and will probably hit the thrift store post Halloween to round up the things we need).

Anyway, plan B came about in a long way.  I had the fabric for my dress in my Halloween stash.  I had bought it last year and was going to make some pillows or use it as a tablecloth or something.  I just never did anything with it.  So this year, when I found it again I decided I would see if there was enough to make a dress.  Then I could be a witch or a spider lady of some sort.

I started getting excited about my costume and then hubby was like "well, what am I going to be?"
Hmmm, not sure.  I hadn't really thought about it.
He decided he would be my pet spider at first and then he had a brainstorm.
Be very careful when someone else comes up with a "brilliant" idea that you then have to execute.

When we first met he was selling pest control door-to-door for the summer.
So the new plan B for him was to be an exterminator.
We'd be "opposites attract"--the Spider Lady and the Exterminator.

After all the drama surrounding the costume situation I couldn't say no.

  • Dress based on pattern Butterick 5522.  Just cut the sleeves one piece instead of 2-tone.  Added a back zipper since the pattern is for stretch knits and this fabric is not.
  • Glasses from this idea.  I am LOVING these!  They were a hit at the party (although really hard to see out of at night)
  • Bought black leggings and gloves.
  • You could also make your own and use pattern Butterick 5695
  • Coveralls $7.99 thrift store purchase
  • "No spiders" sign inspiration from here.  
  • Used WonderUnder and fabric to assemble and then topstitched it onto the back of the coveralls.


  1. Terrific idea--love the glasses!

  2. this is great!! (And an exterminator was sooo much easier than a spider! ;-)
    I have never dressed up for halloween as an adult ~ all my time is spent getting my kiddos costumed.... One time, though, I went to a party dressed normally and said I was 'an overworked mother' when people questioned my lack of costume - only to discover halfway through the night that I had my shirt on backwards.... I still laugh about that one.

  3. Awesome! Ethan is such a good sport. I can't get Nathan to do anything. He hates Halloween. :(



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