Monday, June 10, 2013

Our Garden is finally IN!

Usually we put our garden in around Memorial Weekend--sometimes sooner if the weather is helpful.  Not this year.  After 21 days of rain in May there never seemed to be a time that we could plant anything.  Finally this past weekend I planted my garden.

The rhubarb (on the bottom left) is going great.  And the strawberries (top right) came back after daughter #3 and I planted them late last year.  I think we got 5 strawberries total last year.

This year, however; things are looking better in the strawberry department.

This other little plot of earth makes me so happy!

This is in the back, off the driveway, side of the house and patio.  This space has been loving the rainy season.  Phlox, salvia, bleeding hearts, hostas, daylilies, and some other stuff I can't remember, but I planted perennials so I don't have to replant every year.  This year I had to divide some of my salvia out.  And next year I may have to do something with the bleeding hearts and daylilies and they are going great guns too.

Last year I found this wooden cardinal somewhere--most likely in someone's trash pile--and added it to the garden.  My kids LOVE cardinals!

I got this rusty water spout from our parents' house over Memorial Weekend.  It was sitting on their patio and had been for some time.  I asked my dad if I could have it and my hubby just rolled his eyes.  Hey!  I've got plans for this baby.

I used the little clay pot that my youngest made for me last year Mother's day and we filled it with some flowers, put it in the water spout, and then added it to my garden space.  I like it's quirkiness there.

So now that the garden is mostly in....bring on the sunshine!

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