Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's a "Baby" Mini

When I first started doing swaps I found it kind of difficult to send off all my hard work to a perfect stranger knowing full well I'd never see my project again. (Anyone else feel the same??) So early on I made a personal goal to make "copies" of my work to keep for myself.  It makes for more work, for sure, but in the end makes it a whole lot easier for me to send off my work.  Besides, why should someone else have ALL my best work?

 In that spirit, here is the "baby" mini copy I made of my quilt from DQS13.
It measures a tiny 12" square.

Everything else is the same: fabrics, paper piecing, hand-stitching, backing, and binding.  
I love it just as much as the original! Though I have to admit that the reason it's smaller is because I couldn't stand the thought of paper-piecing any more blocks.  Twenty-five tiny blocks was enough!

Here is a little side-by-side comparison for your viewing pleasure.

 I plan on hanging it on my mini quilt wall in my sewing room next to this and this.  One day I hope to have a wall filled with beautiful mini's!  These make for a good start, don't ya think?

Emily (the Mini Quilt Lover)


See more mini quilt awesomeness on my Mini Love pinterest board as well as on the DQS flickr page.



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