Friday, February 8, 2013

A Queen-Sized Preview

Besides doll quilting, most of my January was spent turning this lovely stack of fabrics

into this MONSTER of a quilt for my daughter's new room.

She is ecstatic about how it's turning out, which you know, as a mother is all that really matters.  To top it off, in Math she has been learning about proportions and fractions via quilt blocks.  Awesome, right?!  My daughter was able to take in her quilt to show her class one day last week, which made her super happy.  Her teacher was very sweet and made a huge deal about it, even letting her take it around to the other 5th grade classes for some show and tell.
Teachers can be so awesome...  As can learning about fractions with quilts.



  1. That quilt is gorgeous and I can understand why K is so happy with it. That was very nice of her teacher to make such a fuss about it. You do such great work with the quilts. M

  2. Oh how I love the colors!!!! Quilting is a great way to teach proportions and fractions.

  3. I would be ecstatic about it too! It is gorgeous and I love those colors!!!! If you can relate anything to quilting, that is the best!

  4. That is so cool they used it to learn math.

  5. Love it! But then again, I've never seen one of your quilts that I don't love.



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