Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I am running away from home tomorrow.
I'm not coming home until Monday night.
I might be a little too excited about it so that my family is getting a bit of a complex.
I had to go buy a larger suitcase for this trip so I could bring everything.
But seriously, I can't wait to get the heck out of Dodge.

Our cousin Tiffany has come to visit me a couple times here in MN thanks to her architect hubby and his Minneapolis conventions he attends.  We've talked about me going there and now it is finally happening.  She lives in St. George, UT.  That means I'll be leaving -20 degree windchill weather tomorrow (and possible blizzard conditions Thurs./Fri.) to go to somewhere MUCH warmer.  Their forecast doesn't look fantastic for St. George, but I'll take 50's over ours any day.

Emily and Leslie caught wind of my little adventure and invited themselves to come along too.  So now we are having a mini sewing retreat with plans to sew our own projects for a couple days straight with no kids involved.  It is going to be awesome.  Hotel, continental breakfast, conference room, takeout, hot tub, no kids, ....yeah, we can't wait.

We'll be sure and post pics afterwards, but for now, here is part of my pile of sewing projects I'll be bringing..

Now I'm off to pack it all and finish laundry so my family will at least start out with clean clothes while I'm gone.  Enjoy your week everyone!


  1. That sounds like such fun!!! :-) (That is a really big pile!;-)

  2. That sounds like an amazing get-away! I am running away next week to visit my sister too!

    Have a wonderful time together!

  3. Have a great time, as I'm sure you will. This should probably be an annual thing, don't you think? Tell Tiffany "hi" and be safe. M

  4. Yes, Mom....this should DEFINITELY be an annual thing. I can't wait!!!



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