Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Let's Go Swimming!

Yes, I know, it is only February, but I don't think it is ever too early to start thinking about swim season.  Especially after we just survived a sub-zero week last week here in MN.  It is 27 degrees outside this afternoon and we all feel like we are in a heat wave.  I actually saw a little boy at the store with his mom and he wasn't wearing a coat.  Yeah, we're crazy like that here in the frozen North.

I have two friends having baby girls here soon.  And even though this tends to be my standard baby gift, and probably not much of a surprise to anyone who knows me, I don't really care. These little girlie girls will be ready for the pool come June.

I just used my basic baby tank pattern from Kwik Sew. (discontinued pattern 2512--oldie but goodie)
And then added some embellishments.

Front view (size 1T)

Back view--3 rows of ruffles topstitched onto the back.
I just love a little baby ruffle bum!

This one I just added a little flower in front. (size 2T)
Used this tutorial to make the flower.

First time I've done it on a swimsuit and I think I'll be doing it again.

Then finally one more version--basic front with a turquoise ruffle bum.

Can't wait to give them away this week at the baby showers.  For one it is for her first and the other it is her 4th, but I think she'll be happy and surprised anyway because this baby is coming after twin boys.


  1. These are just so cute!!!! You are very creative - lucky little babies to receive these for summer splashing...J

  2. Those are really cute suits and the babies will look so cute in them. I like the fabric you used and the ruffles are especially cute. M

  3. Oh--to have little ones to dress up in cute outfits like these again! I remember swimming in Lake Minnetonka as a teenager in April--the ice had melted only a few weeks before. Minnesotans are hardy souls.

  4. LOVE these!! Those mamas will be so tickled with them. I received a tiny suit for my first daughter (not hand-made, but still so stinking cute!) She never wore it in the water, but we sure did have a photo session when it fit :-)

  5. Love it! You could even add a big rhinestone in the middle of the flower! Nah - it might come off! Gorgeous gifts to give. Quick question - where do you get your materials? What kind of material is the best to use? I'm guessing at least 2-way stretch and moisture wicking possibly?

    1. I have a great store here locally that I've bought a bunch of swim fabric from, especially when one of their locations was clearancing out everything for a move. You definitely need 4 way stretch (which is what they used to call 2 way stretch). It has to stretch both around and lengthwise, unlike t-shirt which only needs stretch one way.



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