Monday, January 7, 2013

Goals: Out With the Old, In With the New

(This picture has nothing to do with anything.  Just some random picture of me on my birthday in a pose we like to call the "Flaming Inferno."  Just light up the candles, turn off the lights, and snap a picture minus the flash. Ta-da!  Flaming Inferno. Believe me, it gets better with age!)
I love looking back over the previous year's accomplishments/failures and taking stock for the new year.  I wanted to update my goals for 2013, if only for my own personal record keeping, so bear with me while I do just that. :)

2012 was a pretty productive year for me.  I made somewhere in the ballpark of 20 quilts and I-don't-know-how-many bee blocks.  (I'm pretty sure that won't happen again this year.)  Here's a look back on the goals I set for myself last year how I did:

*Definitely one (maybe two!) scrap quilts for the year.  I think I got this one covered!  I made at least 3 baby scrap quilts as well as my Paint Box Blocks quilt.
*A few "Solids Only" projects I've got brewing in my head.  I have an Amish Buggy top started and finished a doll quilt
*Finish my Grandma Quilt   Here
*And a bed quilt for me and the hubs.  (Barely got this started in 2012, but it is on the top of my list for 2013.)
 I'm guessing I will be a bit less productive in 2013 as I have made a conscience decision not to get too caught up on quantity.

So my goals for 2013 will again be simple. I want to:
*Make another "solid's only" quilt
*Finish the low volume quilt for mine/hubs bed
*Make a quilt using only improv techniques
*Make a big-kid quilt for my 8 yr old son
*Keep on top of my WIP list
*Make a bed quilt for 11 yr old daughter's new room 

What about you... What are your sewing goals for this year?

 Here's to Fresh Starts!

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