Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dear So and So...

Dear White Background Fabric,
I love you very much, but for the new year I'm trying to break myself of you... At least partially. 

Dear WIP List,
Since you've been conquered I've vowed to keep a watchful eye on you. You're a sneaky one who gets out of hand easily when not reigned in. 

Dear Fiskars,
After buying and using two of your rotary cutters over the course of a few years I've decided to switch brands.  Both broke in the same way, which made me kind of frustrated.

Dear New Brand of Rotary Cutter,
You hurt my hand after I used you but I guess that was because I cut with you for four hours.

Dear Fabric Stash,
Be forewarned, although you are beautiful just sitting there all folded up, you are on the chopping block (err, the cutting mat) this year.

Dear Denyse Schmidt,
I promise to stop hoarding your fabrics and finally USE them.  Any ideas for me?  I'd love to hear your suggestions.  Call me...  :)

Dear New Sewing Machine,
I have dreamt of you for a very looonng time.  Now that you are in my life I think far less angry thoughts as I sew.  You make me very happy!

Dear Blogosphere/Quilt World,
Whenever you all decide to make the same quilt at the same time it makes my reader pretty boring.  Dare to be different, please.

Dear Scraps,
You might be frustrating me a bit right now.

Dear Daughters,
It makes me so happy that you both want to spend time with me sewing, but maybe we could figure out a better schedule so there will be less feuding over "your" machine.  For the record, it's a machine for the both of you.

Dear Son,
You surprised me when you asked if you could sew as well.  And the answer is yes, you can!

Dear Orphan Blocks,
I think I have finally figured out what to do with you.  Of course, I don't think mine will be nearly as cool but I love the concept.



  1. LOL!! I can totally relate to this one:

    Dear Blogosphere/Quilt World,
    Whenever you all decide to make the same quilt at the same time it makes my reader pretty boring. Dare to be different, please.

  2. Cute letter! I can certainly agree with a few of those. I too had problems with fiskars. I also need to schedule my daughters' sewing time, not for them arguing but for my own sanity. And my son likes to sew too! Have a good year, Emily!

  3. LOL... Love this post. I have that "pet-able" fabric I need to use. I totally understand the hoarding and just keeping it to look at. ;-)

  4. I have deleted some blogs that I used to browse because there doesn't seem to be any originality there anymore. Drives me insane too...

    And that kitchen sink quilt will be so fun. Can't wait to see what you put together.

    I also tried a new brand of rotary cutter. Titanium...but it still seems to be not as heavy dute as I'd like it to be. Can't anything cut denim without issues?



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