Monday, January 14, 2013

World's Fastest T-Shirt-to-Scarf Recycle

As I'm posting today, I'm kind of laughing at how easy and ridiculous this project is.  But instead of telling you that I'll just pass it off as a stroke of genius on my part (...she said with a heavy dose of tongue and cheek).

This cute scarf was made in 2 minutes.  Literally.

Here's how it went down...
I kept seeing all these easy/cute t-shirt scarf tutorials on Pinterest in the fall and thought "maybe I should try one of those ideas."  ...I never did.  Recently when I was cleaning up my sewing room I came across a t-shirt dress of my daughter's that was headed for the donation bag. 

 I decided to chop off the skirt and see if I could make a something out of it.

So I literally hacked off the bottom of the dress...

   and voila!

I didn't even hem the cut edge, just tucked it in, 'cuz I'm lazy that way.
See, I told you it was stupidly easy.
So go check your closets and see if you can find an awesomely patterned knit you can chop up, too.

Have Fun!

The A-line style lends itself well to a good drape when worn.
Here's how it breaks down:
Scarf is 17" long (from cut edge to hemmed edge)
Top (skinny) edge is 15" wide, bottom edge is 22" wide.
NOTE: These measurements are finished measurements, so you will need to double-fold your fabric and adjust measurements accordingly if you are making this from scratch.


  1. Love the stripe, and the triangle shape is perfect. Way to up-cycle!

  2. Hilarious and awesome all at the same time!
    Love the stripe---and knits make me so happy when you don't necessarily have to hem. Yay! for that.

  3. Hey, that looks really cute on K.



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