Wednesday, August 15, 2012

T-shirt Revamp--feminizing a men's shirt

When we all got together in June for our brother's b-day Emily had bought some B.Y.U. shirts for me and my family (per my request)--and brought them to us.  She couldn't find a women's shirt for me that was the right size so instead she brought a men's shirt that possibly hubby could wear and if not, then I'd get it.  Unfortunately for hubby it was closer to my size.

However, I wanted it look a little more feminine and not so boxy.

First thing I did was cut the neckband off.
Just doing that released the shirt to a nice rounded neckline.
And I didn't feel like I was so constricted and could barely breathe--not really, 
but that neckline was tight.

Then I cut an additional inch off the front neckline.

Just tapered it a bit as the sides of the neckline and back were just fine.
I couldn't go a lot deeper either since the Y logo was there.

I cut a 2 inch wide strip of white ribbing band to attach to the neckline.
Fold over and attach right sides together.

Single topstitch on the navy portion to hold the neck band down.

Then onto the sleeves.
I cut off the existing ones, right at the seam, 
and then used one of my t-shirt patterns to cut out new ones.

Then I laid out the front/back piece to see where it set on the actual shirt.
I decided not to take in the side seams.  The pattern was almost exactly the same as the shirt.
And since this shirt didn't have side seams I didn't really want to put any in.
I also left the hem as it was.

I marked and cut the sleeve openings to fit.
It took about an inch off the shoulder too.
Made the sleeves, attached them, and then added a little 
white ribbing the same way as the neck ribbing.

I like it much better now.

I may take in the side seams down the road.
I'll have to wear it a couple times and see what I think.

On a side note (but related...see the T-shirt I'm wearing):
Did I ever mention that when I was younger I had dreams/plans of being a barrel racer?
Our dad was a collegiate national champion calf roper (BYU 1964--John Fincher)
and I remember going to rodeos with fond memories.
That barrel racing dream didn't work out for me.
Probably a good thing.

So last weekend we went to NE. for our nephew's wedding reception and while we were there my dad took the kids twice to see a friend's horses.  They were thrilled to ride.  
I was just happy to know that after all these years I can still ride bareback...get on and stay on.  
The last time I rode bareback was 17+ yrs. ago.

Ahh....good times.


  1. what a great t-shirt remake! that's awesome. and i love the touches of white ribbing. so nice!!!

  2. Wow! My shirt refashions never look so professional.

  3. The t-shirt turned out really cute!

  4. That turned out super
    What mil plastic do you use for your patterns?

    1. 3 mil usually
      I buy mine at Menard's but you can get it at Home Depot or Lowe's.

    2. thanks! That's kinda what I was thinking. I tried some 1 mil & I thought, "This can't possibly be the right plastic" ;-)

  5. What a great T-shirt re-make. I like to wear my husband's t-shirts for easy and comfort, but have to admit, the look isn't very cute :P I love the way you restyled this shirt!



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