Monday, August 6, 2012

Denim Skirt and a T-shirt Failure

This was supposed to be done in time to wear for the 4th of July.  Didn't happen.  Instead a whole bunch of others things happened.... mainly 7 boxes of free tomatoes.  I wasn't even going to worry about it at all this summer, but it appears that we are going to have an especially warm and long summer in MN and maybe into the Fall and Winter.  Which I am actually fine went ahead and got it done.

So happy I did.

Skirt Details:
  • Pattern Simplicity 2152 (although I toyed with the idea of using Simplicity 2475 or Butterick 5649).  I finally decided I liked the pockets best on this pattern and the wide band at the waist to hopefully "hold it all in" a bit better, if you know what I mean.  Also, I thought a pencil-ish denim skirt may not be as mom friendly as I'd like in the long run.  Nice little A-line worked great.
  • Used a darker washed stretch denim fabric from my stash.  Not sure how long I've had it, but I don't normally pay over $3/yd. for denim.  Usually I wait 'til it goes on sale and only pay $2/yd. at my favorite fabric store (or $1.59/yd. w/ their 60% off coupons)
  • White topstitching thread to embellish the seams.  LOVE it this way!  Thanks Tiffany for the suggestion.  I used Coats & Clark Dual Duty XP Heavy--you should be able to buy it at your local fabric store.  

  • For the topstitching I set my stitch length a little longer than I normally sew.  Also make sure you don't deviate as you are topstitching.  Any little goof-up will be much more noticeable with contrasting thread.
  • I also used a topstitch needle, for the first time ever--not sure I noticed anything different had I just used my denim/jean needle.  Maybe it made the bottom side of the stitch look a little better since I was using heavy topstitch thread.
  • For the hem I used a blind hem stitch instead of any topstitching.  Personal preference.  I wasn't feeling it with the topstitch thread at the hem.

The T-shirt was only a failure in the fact that it was supposed to be for ME, not my 12 going on 13 yr. old daughter!!  I loved this striped piece that I had found at the thrift store and was so looking forward to wearing it with my denim skirt.

Well, that's what I get for trying a new pattern (Butterick 5215), making the fitted version, and using a knit that was not very stretchy.  The shoulders and armpits were SO tight and uncomfortable.  And really I am not especially broad shouldered.  You know it is bad when instead of fitting me it fits daughter #2, who when I sew for her she is about 2 or 3 pattern sizes smaller than I am.  I only had to take in the side seams a bit and then it looked great on her.

Single topstitch for the neckband and sleeves

You can see that even on her the shoulders are a bit short.

Bummer for me! I so wanted that t-shirt.

(I'll try this pattern one more time with a different piece of knit and not the fitted version before I chuck it in the trash and stick with my basic, albeit discontinued, Kwik Sew t-shirt pattern.  You can also try this one for basic tees.)

I'm guessing that if you have narrower shoulders that this would be a great pattern for you.  Minimal adjusting.


  1. Oooo! I like the style of the denim skirt.

  2. Me that skirt!! I need a good denim skirt, pencil skirt style. I wish I had your sewing skills! :)

  3. Love the white top stitching on the skirt and the wide band. It looks so comfortable. Sorry about the t-shirt, I hate when that happens. Tiff



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