Sunday, August 12, 2012

Missed it by thaaatt much...

I've been working on some quilt backs this week, one of which needed to be pieced.  
I set about matching up the pattern repeat and all was good.

 In fact I thought I was pretty clever when I got the repeat to match perfectly!
I sewed it up feeling pretty smitten with myself...

...Until I realized that I only got HALF the repeat to match.
Yep, that's right...every other flower bouquet is matched perfectly, 
and then the others... not so much!
Missed it by thaaatt much...  :)


  1. The ones you did line up look fabulous.
    Bummer about the other ones.

    I was looking at it to try and figure out how some matched up and the others didn't? Weirdly printed pattern? Cut horizontal and other cut vertical??

    Good luck.

  2. argh. that's frustrating! (that's one of the reasons why i love to run a strip of scraps through the back of my quilt!) :)



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