Monday, April 5, 2010

Tie Dye Baby Quilt

I helped my daughter L. start this quilt last summer some time. She finally decided it was time to finish it. For the last number of months all she needed to do was to attach the border sashing and then sandwich it all together. So over our Spring Break week she got serious. She did all of the work except for the top stitching on the binding.
We weren't sure how to do the quilting portion, but finally decided it would be fun to outline the geometric shapes some within the individual blocks. We are pleased with the results.

Finished Dimensions:
33 1/2" square
6 1/2" blocks
2 3/4" sashing between blocks
1 1/2" light blue outer border sashing
2 3/4" dark blue outer border sashing
Solid red backing

It has been so long since we started this that I couldn't remember exactly where we found the idea for the blocks. However, I double-checked at the library and it is this book. Chp. 6, pgs. 40-45.


  1. that would definitely cheer me up with all the bright colors. Go L.
    and so many possibilities using the geometric shapes.

  2. Good work, L! You never said if she decided to keep it or give it away.

  3. I think that she is going to keep it--since it is her first one. She put a label on it and then I guess we'll see what she decides down the road.



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