Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Will Not Apologize for My Messy House...At Least Not Today.

I read Kathy's post this morning and got a good laugh. I think we all can relate on some level.

So in the interest of keeping it real, I'm posting a glimpse into my life one day last week:

When I was taking pictures of this quilt, I thought to myself, "If only everyone could see my house today!" So, I took a picture, not knowing if/when I'd ever post it. But today is the day!

The simple truth is, I would rather quilt than clean. I do make my family pick up, but honestly, with 6 family members, the clean house only lasts between the hours of 7:00pm and 7:00am, better known as when the kids are asleep. Sound familiar?

Don't get me started on Martha Stewart. She makes me crazy. My feelings for her run about like this. So why must we feel so inadaquate? It's a curse, I tell you.

I just want to be happy, do a little of what I love each day, and hopefully raise well-adjusted children. Housekeeping sometimes takes a backseat to that. Oh, well! I will not apologize.

In the interest of positive affirmations, I shall repeat the words of Stewart Smalley: "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggonnit people like me!"

What are your thoughts on the subject?


  1. oh my...I completely agree! And I am grateful for your honesty. I so often look at other people's blogs and feel inferior. (You've lived in the A Village right?! can understand how hard it is to keep the apartment clean and tidy with two toddlers running around!) But I believe we must choose our own priorities, and then we will lead happy, confident lives- the lives WE want to lead, not what someone else has dictated. (your house really doesn't look that bad, BTW)

  2. Well said Emily! Absolutely LOVE the Stewart Smalley quote, I forgot all about that one, especially the 'doggonnit' part. That will have me laughing through the evening.

    We won't even go into what my house looks like right now! xo kathy

  3. I love all your labels. Hahahaha. I repeat Stewart Smalley in my head A LOT these days (even though I did not know it was stewart smalley). I love Sian's comment too. Oh how I could list the reasons I feel inferior....but I'm getting better at not feeling inferior. It's all that positive self talk. It works!

  4. Em, I really like the quilt~ very pretty!!!

  5. I'm just looking for the mess in the picture :-)

    have a wonderful weekend

  6. Mmmmmmm. My room on a GOOD day :) I dusted a few days ago (a rare event I might add) and it was yellow from pollen flying in the window !!!!

  7. I'm really not one of those people that says "My house is SO dirty!" when its not...

    Maybe I should've panned out farther so you all could see the piles on my kitchen counters and my dirty dishes piled in the sink. But thanks for thinking its not "so bad." You are all invited over for lunch!:)

  8. I too, could not agree more! I actually shared this post with my husband so I could say, "SEE! I'm not the only one." Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Made me laugh so hard. The Martha Stewart write up was hilarious! I have to admit there is hope for the future. There is a time when the kids get older that the house isn't as messy. I'm in that phase and its wonderful. There is no guilt when it comes to sitting at the sewing machine all day. Dinner is still a struggle at my house, but that's because I'm not a very good cook. Someday!!!! Tiffany



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