Monday, September 21, 2009

Basketweave Knitted Hat

We got the inspiration for this hat from the book, "Let's Knit", by Monette Satterfield, which we checked out at the library. Miss M. loves the color ORANGE and she already had some fun yarn (discontinued JoAnn's Belleza Collection Stellina--which is a wool blend) and asked me if I would knit this hat for her.

Here is the basic pattern:

Cast on 108 stitches on size 5 US 16" circular needles.

Tie ends together and place marker.


Work 8 rows of ribbing in *K2 P2*, repeated until end.
For basketweave:

*K6 P6* repeated until end of row.
Repeat for 6 rows.

Then *P6 K6* repeated until end of row.
Repeat for 6 rows.

You will end up with "weaves" of 6 stitches by 6 rows each.

Do above pattern 4 more times so that you end up with 10 total "weaves". (approx. 7 inches long)
Bind off all edges.

Then sew top opening closed.

Make and attach tassles (or pom poms if you prefer) at each corner.Wear and be warm and fashionable.


  1. your model looks so cute in her great new hat

  2. Besides the cute weave, I love the tassle. Looks very Scandinavian to me.

  3. Way fun, sounds like you'll be needing it soon. Fall is in the air! Tiffany



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