Monday, September 14, 2009

Heirloom Quilts

I had a fantastic weekend. We took a trip to visit my in laws in the southern part of our state. While I was there my mother-in-law pulled out the "family quilts." I thought I was going to die when I saw the stuff she was pulling out! There were a LOT! These were all made by my husband's Grandma and Great-Aunt. They were beautifully hand quited and very OLD! Some are in better shape than others, but it was pretty cool to see them all!

I thought some of you might also like to see them. I'm sure you can appreciate beautiful old quilts as I can. I learned that Grandma cut up her old dresses to make the pink scrap quilt in the bottom left corner. She was a great recycler. Plus, she loved bright colors (check out her spider web quilt!). She also made a quilt for each of her grand kids. Ours was the last one she made before she died.

My MIL also gave me this applique' quilt made by the Great-Aunt. I am supposed to save it for my oldest daughter's wedding. I'm not sure if I can hide it away for that long. But, isn't it pretty? All hand quilted and appliqued. These women have got some TALENT!! I am lucky to be the recipient of such beautiful work.


  1. Very fun to look at. I like that last one. And I agree that quilts should be used if possible, otherwise, really what is the point?

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  3. So beautiful. I hope you get to inherit them all.

  4. Those are really artistic! I love the circle one in the middle of the top photo. Its so impressive to think about all the hand work that went into making things like these!

  5. That last floral quilt is beautiful. You are so lucky to have it. I wish my mom quilted instead of knited.

    Driving Miss Stacey
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