Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Painting Decisions

I am in the process of trying to paint my living room a color--I say that because since we've lived in this house (11 yrs.) the walls have been white. I'm tired of them. And since I've ripped up every stitch of carpet in my upstairs to expose the nice hardwood underneath I need a change.

My cousin Tiffany has been nice enough to help me out--long distance via e-mail pics and conversations on the phone. She has been to my house so she knows the layout and lighting, etc. So it isn't like she is helping me blindly. (She was the one who helped me yank out all the carpet) We are getting close to the "right" color, but it isn't quite perfect yet, if there is such a thing.

This picture shows the latest 3 choices.
Left swatch = "Sandhurst" from Pittsburgh Paints the Nature Collection. It is also on the overhang section.

Middle swatch = "Crepe" from Behr Paints

Right swatch = "Warm Welcome" from Dutch Boy

The middle swatch is still my preferred choice although with the awful lighting in my house at times it looks a bit orange. The other challenge I have is that based on the layout of my home I will most likely have to paint my dining room, living room, and hallway to the bedrooms all the same color as there is no natural stop/start point. However, after trying out the other 2 colors (on each side of the crepe swatch) my husband and I both agree--no way, no how! Not the look we are trying to achieve. Crepe is still the front runner at this point.

Our daughter, L., however, liked the "warm welcome" yellow and so today while she was at school I went and used up the remainder of that little quart and painted a section of her room to change it up a bit. She was happy and I'm glad that I haven't wasted all the paint I keep trying out. (nice $5 change of scenery in her room)We need to move her bed back, but I think it looks pretty on her walls.

So the search for the right shade continues....Wish me luck! I guess I have all Winter to figure it out.


  1. Before I read through your post I was thinking that the middle one was the one I liked best, too. Remember, in my rental we painted basically the whole upstairs as well. It really isn't as distressing as you might think. I'll email you pics.

  2. I like the middle choice as well. You can always add color with art and fabric. Much easier to change the accessories and leave the background neutral.

  3. I'm a butter yellow fan myself, like one shade lighter than the one on the left.

  4. Hi there! Your blog is on my "to read" list!...
    Are you looking for a neutral color? Crepe looks somewhat beige in a way.
    My favorite "beige" color is Latte by Sherwin Williams - looks excellent with bright white baseboards & trim, etc.

    Just a suggestion - I definitely like Crepe out of the 3 best too!
    Good luck!


  5. I just finished painting. If you like Behr, I used the Primer & Paint in one. Loved it! Still needed 2 color coats, but it's better than laying down primer, then the color.(I was painting sheet rock, too. would the existing paint act as a primer?) I used Provence Creme (a very subtle creamish yellow) in my basement family room, hallway, storage room & girl's room. Rejuvenate (a green) in the bathroom & laundry room. And Sonata (a blue) in my boy's room. These are all Behr colors. And if there's a color you really like, say, your work glove? Behr can color match it!! Now that the basement is painted, the creme is so inviting! My friend told me the best yellow looks creme in the can. i'll post pics as soon as I find the charger for my camera. sheesh.

  6. My favorite is the crepe too - if you are trying for a neutral Cinnamon Cake from Behr is a great one...it is no longer on paint chips, only in the computer. They have two formulations - the one I use is all even numbers. If you are trying for a yellow - there is an historic home behr yellow (can't remember the name)that is nice and creamy - just right! happy painting!

  7. Love the paint in L's room. Great way of using up small samples. Tiffany



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