Sunday, November 2, 2008

Christmas Card Preview

Here is a sneak peek into what our family has planned for our Christmas cards this year. We went out this afternoon/evening and took some pictures for our Christmas cards. It was pretty fun--the kids love the self-timer. We may have started a trend that we won't be able to keep up with, but for now we are going ahead with the plans.

This is the picture we used last year for our Christmas cards---so you can see what I mean about coming up with something new/fun/crazy/unexpected every year.

Our caption read: "Winter Schminter!! Who says it's cold here?!"


  1. Do we get to see the finished picture?

  2. Eventually.

    I am working on the Christmas cards right now. I may have to do a little photoshopping.

    But I am pleased with their craziness.



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