Friday, September 26, 2008

"Sweet Sorrow" Jacket

As in......
parting is such sweet sorrow.

I'm lamenting yet another project intended to enhance my own personal wardrobe. Sadly, this one slightly snug. Enough to be annoying. I blame it on my linebacker shoulders because my weight hasn't changed THAT much. It will be up for grabs in my shop soon (when I take some better photos. and it's so much cuter on). Until then, I am going to cry on my pillow. I hope it finds a good home.

I'm trying to decide if I want to sell this as a regular. It is so easy, easy, easy. We'll see.

{p.s. I purchased a new pattern and will be attempting this little lovely in a larger size. the neckline is just too pretty to pass up. maybe I will try it in wool this time. oh, and it closes with a snap}


  1. Bummer--that is a really cute jacket!

  2. wow! that is gorgeous! how long does it take you to make something like this?

  3. Rubyellen, not long. this is such a quick and easy pattern. 3-4 hours. max.

  4. really?!! including pattern cutting. i have never used a pattern, so i am not sure how well i would do. i wish i knew how because i love all your jackets! i don't think i could "wing" a jacket for myself!

    any tips for someone like me of whom fleas from the site of patterns. i don't follow directions well, i wish i did.

  5. My tip: buy THIS jacket! I'll give you a great price.

  6. I am not sure I would fit. You are very petite looking and super slender. I am petite, not so slender... i can get rid of the baby belly. i am real mom, not a celebrity one... how much would it be? or would you consider a trade?



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