Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ruffled Scarf

Leslie and I were talking about scarves today as she found a rather expensive one she likes at Anthropologie. We are trying to find a pattern close to that one she likes.

Last Winter or Spring I made this scarf from a pattern I got at one of my local Yarn shops. I tried it out for fun to see how it would look and to see how hard it would be. It wasn't that tough and definitely didn't take very long. I am mostly posting this so that Leslie can see how it turned out and see if it might be what she'd like in place of her Anthropologie scarf.
A similar pattern to the one I used can be found HERE. Currently I can't find the pattern I used for it. I'll have to look a little harder and then when I find it I'll post it.


  1. Great scarf! Thanks for the link to a similar pattern!
    -why is it online-things get lost??

  2. I like this one, but with regular yarn. do you have any examples of that way?



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