Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fabric Garland

We have seen these fabric garlands all over the place, but when we were planning our summer party (that didn't happen) this was one of the decorations we were most excited about using.

Here is my "Cherry Party" themed garland! (The light yellow fabric has cherries on it!) I tried to make it more random--without a specific pattern to the triangles.

Since I've really no idea where to put it until next years party, I've decided to hang it in my sewing room until further notice. It makes me happy to go in there and see cheery things!

Leslie has been getting ready for her husband's birthday in October and made this masculine color-schemed garland for him.

The triangles on her garland are a bit bigger than the cherry one with each triangle measuring 7.5" wide and 9.25" long. ( The cherry ones measure 7" wide and 7" long finished.)

detail view

this shows her pattern repeating
Simple directions for your own Fabric Garland:
Cut a template to the desired size (fold a piece of paper in half to achieve symmetry).
Use a rotary cutter and quilters ruler to do mass cuttings faster.
Sew down two sides, leaving top open.
Turn right sides out and iron, make sure your triangles have a good point.
Lay triangles edge to edge inside the entire length of double fold bias tape (don't forget to pin!)
Sew and you're DONE!


  1. I might have to do something like this for C.'s bday in November. I'll have to think about this. Or maybe I'll just make a generic one that can be used for a couple different bdays.

  2. Woohooo! You just convinced me! I have to make garlands for the kids' birthdays :-) Yours look so beautiful!

  3. I ended up with 4--12foot banners. I'm sure that would be enough to decorate a room for a party! I don't know how many Leslie ended up making.

  4. I made one to keep (approx 13feet) and one to sell (15 feet).

    I pretty much want to make a pink one, a red one, a white one, a halloween one.....

  5. The pennant tutorial is so great, I had to post it too! Thanks for the tip!



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