Tuesday, September 2, 2008

About Us

We are three sisters with very diversified tastes, but our goal remains the same -- to make our families and our lives beautiful one project at a time.

Our mom taught us all to sew while we were still in elementary school. She was good to let us create and sew whatever we pleased. At first that meant sewing around the raw edges of cut fabric, then trying our hand at elastic waisted shorts/skirts, and finally sewing our own dresses and clothes. Over the years we've sewn through miles and miles of fabric, making everything from prom/wedding dresses to baby clothes, quilts to curtains, and custom bedding to swimsuits. It's safe to say we'll sew anything! Our lives are ever changing as we (and our children) grow, so our blog is ever changing as well. We blog about the things we are doing and loving at the moment.

You can contact us with questions or comments at emilylovesbaskets@msn.com.


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